What a Wonderful World!

Indeed  a wonderful world it is !

Just depends on how you see it ….  maybe it’s a matter of looking around the corner away from the avalanche of sensationalist negative news we are being bombarded with and conditioned by every second  world wide  over.

And yet, Beauty, Love and  Life’s joys  are everywhere – in the abundance of Nature, the acts of courage,  kindness and compassion in our every day folks,  illuminating inventions towards the betterment of humankind abound in  the entire spectrum of life, from all walks of life – in Health and Wellness, Home, Family and Community,  the Sciences, Technology, as in the Customs & Cultures, Arts, Music, Books/ Poetry/Literature, History…   all corners of  our border-less world.

With such a profuse  variety and scope of human activities and initiatives, why do we hardly hear about these good deeds ? (any other  blog in a  condensed form as this site aspires to do ?)  Could it be that being non-lucrative commercially, such inspiring achievements of excellence which are published mostly in their own specific journals/ newsletters remain  mere footnotes in  the mainstream medias.?

And yet scientifically and medically proven  with the mind/body/spirit connection as we know today,  this outpouring of geopolitical misinformation is engulfing us our peace of mind, our health, our psyches. Such threats of impending  wars – nuclear & cyber attacks, cyber security, terrorism,  fomented revolutions, power & domination,  greed, economic decay, corruption & conspiracies, commercialized indecency…. this toxic pit is bottomless. And all of that is having  traumatic consequences on our entire outlook and quality on life and living. Even our music, art, literature, entertainment  disturbingly reflect much of the malaise, confusion and distortion of our times.


Ironically, it’s thanks to our electronic age of instant information that there is also a  significant  body in the private, communal, even the corporate sectors and most notably in our mindful younger generation who, along with all the  fomented news are reassuringly aware that as humans ,we innately possess that need to nurture and aspire towards the positive, the constructive and inspiring  in our  daily lives to become  ourselves inspired to do good!

Thus engaged with  meaningful life goals and  undeterred  by whatever current  apocalyptic forebodings, such happy fulfilled  individuals  the world over are robustly reigniting  hope, goodwill and a sense of purpose from the grassroots up  with enlightened educational programs,  sustained and generous  philanthropic commitments.

Not complacent victims of a controlling Orwellian media in our imperfect humanity, we  collectively  wish to be re- energized, healed and restored to a healthier pristine  state of mind and  spirit,  resetting some  balance towards a more hopeful  outlook on our future, while celebrating the triumphs of the enduring,noble and creative spirit.  We’re after all  reclaiming, yes,  our birthright- a wholesome  way of life, a joy for living!


‘What do you gain  if you lose your soul  ? does ring  true somehow.

This blog enthusiastically  invites all  kindred folks to  share, contribute and/or comment on news, articles, information, thought provoking discussions/ ideas in all life’s aspects  promoting the good, beautiful,  positive and inspiring  in all of us – for ourselves and  for the  good of all  ….in  our  amazingly beautiful and wonderful world !

About time and just a click away , let’s hear from one another, North, South, East & West and all around  good ol’ Mother Earth  and  may this site flourish  ever more !



NB: A non commercial, non profit, non denominational blog/site, we very much appreciate that no offensive language, racist, demeaning or personal attacks be posted.

Thank you all for your invaluable input and kind cooperation!


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